Roof Treatment versus a roof wash

There are a couple of options for getting a roof clean, and the option that will suit you depends on your end goal. Are you planning on having the roof painted after the wash? Or do you want to wash it because it is due for a clean? 

If it is the latter, a roof treatment could be a much better option for you as it's cheaper than a roof wash. Some of the other benefits are that it's quicker and less labour intensive. It's also gentler on roofing materials and uses much less water.

If you are wanting to have it painted, then a roof wash is the best option for you.

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Roof treatment

A roof treatment involves spraying a product onto the roof surface which kills lichen, moss and mould. The rain and sun gradually break down and remove the dead lichen, moss and mould. This process can take up to 12 months. Generally, results can usually be seen in the first 2 to 3 months with the moss and lichen changing colour.

The product we apply is an industrial-strength treatment (A lot of the products for this sort of work are diluted and so do not produce the end result our product does). The product is bleach-free, non-acidic and phosphate-free.

We are VERY particular about getting a thorough coverage and apply 2 treatments when we do the treatment to ensure a good soak and thus much better results. What this means is we treat the area, wait for it to soak in and then treat it again.

We also use a very concentrated mix and even more so if there is black mould. This costs us a lot more and the chemical is not cheap however we want to do the best we can to ensure the best results possible.

You can find out more about roof treatment here such as information on what a treatment involves, the process and the benefits of a roof treatment vs a wash and what to do if you are on tank water.

Roof wash

The second option is where we use our water blasting machines to wash away any lichen, moss, mould and grime from your roof. When we do a roof wash we also apply a complementary treatment which kills the mould spores and stops them from returning for at least two years. Many water blasting companies don’t apply the treatment after the roof wash and the nasties quickly return and you then need to repeat having your roof washed much sooner.

You can find out more information here on what types of roofs are not suitable for washes, the technique we use for safety when on a roof and more.

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Frequently asked questions


When should you opt for a roof wash-over roof treatment?

  • If you are getting your roof painted, then it will need to be washed.
  • If you’re wanting your roof cleaned instantly and are not wanting to wait 12 months (sometimes this can be more like 6 months) then getting a roof wash would be the better option for you
  • If you have quite a lot of black mould. Sometimes a roof treatment is not always that effective on black mould. This is generally only if the mould it quite severe.


We collect the water from our roof for drinking. Is my water safe to drink after the roof has been cleaned?

If you are on tank water for your drinking water, then the answer is yes, it is provided the downpipes are disconnected from the water tank and stay disconnected until there has been 25 ml of rain. Before reconnecting the tank, you can check the water coming off the roof has no smell or foaming. If smell or foaming occurs do not connect the tank until the water runs, clear. 

If we have only washed the roof but not applied a treatment the tanks can be reconnected straight after the wash.


I am on tank water is a roof treatment suitable?

If you are on tank water you will need to disconnect the tanks prior to us arriving. They will need to stay disconnected until there has been 25 ml of rain. If you need help disconnecting the tanks please let us know.

The treatment product we use is 100% water-soluble. This means that the rain will wash it away even on a porous surface. To be really safe we recommend that water tanks stay disconnected until there has been 25 ml of rain.


I have a tiled roof can you wash it without breaking tiles?

As a general rule, we don’t recommend water blasting tiles as they are often loose and water blasting can blow them off the roof which breaks them. The gentlest and cheapest option to get your roof clean is a roof treatment. If for some reason you really need to wash we will come and take a look at it and assess whether or not it is an ok candidate for a wash


Can you wash my clear lights?

We sure can. Our approach to cleaning clear lights is to apply our wash down product, followed by a soft wash.  Lastly, we apply a slow-release product that works overtime to keep cleaning them. If the clear lights are old, unfortunately, mould gets embedded into the fibre and we are not able to remove this so often they can be far from perfect. Any mould that is sitting on the surface should clean up nicely.


Will you need scaffolding to clean my roof?

9 times out of 10, we do not require scaffolding. Our guys will use a fall arrest system with harnesses and strops to wash the roof. They are fully trained at Working at Heights and using the fall rest systems. Here is some information about roof washes.

An annual house wash increases your paint life by %25


If you need a gutter clean, gutter clear or downpipe unblocked you have come to the right place.

Blocked gutters and downpipes can lead to

Nasty Business

Clear gutters and downpipes are very important when it comes to preventative maintenance and stopping water seepage and dampness around your house. The most common blockage in your downpipes and gutters is leaves, grass and weeds.

Blocked gutters and downpipes can be cause for concern as backed-up water has the potential of seeping into the roof and/or even the walls of your building.

This can unfortunately, cause major damage to the interior and exterior walls, lead to fascia boards rotting. Pooling water around foundations can cause erosion which weakens the walls, leading to foundation cracks and settling.

We have also seen the damage a heavy blocked gutter can do to the gutter it's self and the fascia. The weight makes the gutter sag and it stretch's out of shape. It will not go back to the original shape once cleared and a warped gutter does not look great. It also puts pressure on the brackets which can pull away and damage the fascia.

You should check your gutters and downpipes at least every 3 to 6 months. If the building is an area with lots of trees and wind check the more regularly.  

Unblocking down pipes and gutters often gets forgotten so we have a reminder service to help you stay on top of the problem before it becomes one. We can contact you Every 3, 6 or 12 months depending on your requirements and come and ensure they are not blocked, and the water can flow freely.

What is involved in unblocking gutters? 

This includes clearing the inside of the gutter by removing debris, bagging it up, removing it from the property and disposing of it at the refuge station. It does not include soft washing the outside of the gutter, but we can definitely quote that for you.

If we are soft washing your house, washing the outside of your gutters is part of that. 

Gutter cleans and gutter guard - Do your gutters have gutter guard?

If the answer is yes - is it bolted or riveted, gutter brushes/whiskers or gutter foam? Depending on the type of gutter guard clearing blocked gutters can take a bit longer as we generally have to remove the gutter guard and then re-attach it. 

What's involved in an external gutter clean or wash?

Before we answer this there are a couple of things you might want to know.
One - An external gutter clear involves washing the outside of the gutters and does not include washing or clearing the debris out of the inside of the gutters.  
Two - When we soft wash your house we wash the outside of the gutters as part of the house wash.

If you are not getting us to wash your house but would like the outside of your gutters washed let us know and we will get a quote to you.  

Washing the outside of your gutters involves first applying an eco-friendly detergent that is safe for the environment, ensuring a sustainable cleaning process. This is effective for removing staining, stubborn grimme and moulds.

We then soft wash the outside of the gutters using a specialised cleaning technique that uses low-pressure to gently get the surface clean and radiant.

Blocked downpipes

How do you know if your downpipe is blocked? If your downpipe isn’t draining or water is flowing back into the gutter, then it’s probably blocked. An overflowing gutter can also be a sign of a blocked downpipe.

If you notice it is blocked, get in touch with Blast Away Guys. We will feed one of our water blaster arms into the pipe with a high-pressure nozzle to break up the blockage.

Other methods include using a drain rod or detach the section that is blocked, clear the black and then re attach it. We will only do this if it is not glued.  

Sometimes the problem can be due to damaged underground stormwater pipes. If this is the case then this would be a job for a plumber of drainage persoIf the answer is yes - is it bolted or riveted, gutter brushes/whiskers or gutter foam? Depending on the type of gutter guard clearing blocked gutters can take a bit longer as we generally have to remove the gutter guard and then re-attach it. 

How much will it cost to have my gutters cleaned?

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CUSTOMER CASE STUDY - Since they cleared the gutters, we have had more heavy rainfall and no more water leaking in.

We bought a house which has quite a lot of established trees around it. After the first heavy downpour rainwater staring leek into the kitchen. We rang Blast Away Guys who came out that day to assess and clear the gutters which were blocked and full of leaves and weeds.

Since they cleared the gutters, we have had more heavy rainfall and no more water leaking in. Given this is a new house we do not know how often the gutters are going to need clearing so Blast Away Guys are going to come and check them every 3months for the first year and give us a report and photos each visit. After a year we will have enough data to reassess how often it needs to occur.  Jonathan Harris – Whangarei

Read more

The most important time to have your gutters and downpipes checked and cleaned is autumn and winter

This is because leaves fall in the colder months and collect in the gutters. In some properties it pays to check again in late spring-early to summer (depending on what trees surround the property and when they lose their leaves). Heavy wind and rain can cause real issues with water ingress if your guttering isn't kept clear of;

  • fallen leaves
  • broken twigs
  • children's toys (balls are the worst)
  • self-seeding plants
  • moss and lichen
  • birds nests

All sorts of waste material easily find their way into your guttering and spouting, causing blockages as well as mould and pest infestation. You often don’t notice the early signs of a clogged-up gutter until it’s too late, which is why regular maintenance is so important.

With years of experience in gutter cleaning services, Blast Away Guys have the right tools and equipment to work safely and efficiently.

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Frequently asked questions


I am on tank water will it affect the water in my tank?

If you are having your gutters flushed out and you are on tank water, the tanks should be disconnected while we complete the freshwater flush and reconnected afterwards.


How much does gutter cleaning cost?

To get an accurate price it's best to ask us to quote as there are quite a few different factors that we consider when we are pricing, a gutter clean. This page gives you a bit of an indication of cost and the types of things we consider when we are pricing a gutter clean.


What is involved in unblocking gutters and what happens with the gunk you clear from the gutter?

Our gutter clean is an internal gutter clean which we do by hand and generally from a ladder. Some customers request that we also flush the gutters out which involves an additional technique and tools as we apply a soft wash using one of our water blasters. We can also offer a more premium gutter clean, which involves soft washing the outside of the gutters as well as an internal clean of the inside. It is a good idea to discuss your requirements with us prior to getting us to create a quote. We quote the internal gutter clean separately from the external gutter clean so that you can decide if you would like us to do both or just one of the services.  When we unblock gutters we clear out all the debris and take it away from your property or alternatively you can use it as compost for your garden.

If your gutters need some serious attention, call Blast Away Guys today for a free quote or to schedule a gutter cleaning job.
An annual house wash increases your paint life by %25

Moss, Mould & Lichen Removal & Treatments

Green and black moulds on driveways, paths, deck, patios and other surfaces look bad and can be slippery.  

Mould, moss and lichen also act like a sponge and hold moisture against surfaces for longer which causes damage and erosion. This is particularly detrimental to painted surfaces as it compromises and breaks down the paint decreasing it’s life expectancy.

Moss, reproduces when its spores are blown in the wind, so it often ends up on roofs, driveways or patios. The same goes for mould, which is why both are commonly found on outdoor surfaces. However, if not taken care of, mould will sooner or later creep to the inside of your home, causing more serious health issues.

Blast Away Guys can help you remove moss, mould and lichen from any outdoor surface such as roofs, driveways, decks and patios, protecting your property from damage.

Our solution is stronger than a lot of over-the-counter products and will keep areas such as your roof free from these nasties for up to 2 years. Once killed off, we can remove the leftover particles so your exterior is safer and cleaner.

We recommend that the area is washed first and then we apply the treatment which will kill the spores and keep the are free from mould for longer.

We have extensive knowledge of water-blasting and cleaning the exterior of commercial and residential properties. Using long-arms, most roofs can be treated and cleaned from the ground. Adhering to the highest safety standards, we can easily work in heights up to 8 meters without requiring ladders, and we use cherry-pickers for taller buildings.

Removing moss, mould and lichen from exterior walls is also important before applying new paint. Soft washing with a water blaster once or twice a year usually takes care of this, but if your outside surfaces have moss or mould, we can offer treatment get rid of the spores as well and prevent further spread.

Give Blast Away Guys a call today and receive a free quote to remove moss, mould and lichen from your property for good.

Find more about managing and preventing mould here including a how-to guide on how to go about it if you want to do it yourself.

Moss, Lichen & Mould Treatments


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