Roof Wash & treatment

What we Wash

  • Pool surrounds
  • Roof treatments
  • Moss & mould treatments
  • Paths & driveways
  • Pre-wash painting preparation
  • Building signage
  • Spider and bug treatments
  • Houses
  • Commercial buildings
  • Gutter & spouting
  • Decks & fences
  • Retaining walls
  • Car parks & tennis courts
  • Commercial windows

When it comes to roof cleaning there are some important things you need to know about.

Things to consider

Is your water pressure adequate? 

Poor water pressure can often mean that the job can take 3 times longer and sometimes even more than this. This is made worse if there are two guys with a water blaster each coming to complete the job.

If you don’t have great water pressure, please let us know in advance because we can bring additional water to the job to help the water pressure keep up. We also have pumps we can use to get a better flow but need to know in advance. For this to work your water the tanks cannot be too far away from the areas we are washing.

Does your water require power to work?

Many holiday homes rely on power to make the water pump work. If your holiday home will not have power on the date we have scheduled the work to be completed please give instructions on accessing the power.

If we turn up to a property and are unable to complete the job because we cannot access the water due to the power we will charge travel and mileage to cover our costs. 

Roof Wash & Treatment

Please carefully read through the information on this page to ensure you completely understand what's involved, if your roof is suitable for a wash and what needs to happen if you are on tank water.

Our guys will use a fall arrest system with harnesses and strops to wash the roof. They are fully trained at Working at Heights and using the fall rest systems.

When they wash the roof they will apply an industrial-strength washdown product that helps to loosen the mould, lichen and grime and gives a much better end result. A lot of the products available for this sort of work are diluted and so do not produce the end result our product does.

After the wash is completed, we will apply a complimentary slow-release agent which will keep mould, lichen and moss away for longer.

We recommend an annual or biennially treatment after a wash to keep it from growing lichen, mould and getting dirty. This also lengthens the life of the products. Some roofs only need to be done every 3 years it just depends on environmental factors.

If you are on tank water you will need to disconnect the tanks prior to us arriving. They will need to stay disconnected until there has been 25 ml of rain. If you need help to disconnect the tanks please let us know.


Cleaning a clay, slate or concrete tiled roof

As a general rule, we don’t recommend water blasting tiles as they are often loose and water blasting can blow them off the roof which breaks them. The gentlest and cheapest option to get your roof clean is a roof treatment. 


Cleaning a pressed metal tiled roof

As a general rule, we don’t recommend water blasting pressed metal tiled roofs as they are susceptible to denting when incorrectly walked on. They can also be slippery and dangerous. The gentlest and cheapest option to get your roof clean is a roof treatment


Washing Clearlights

Our approach to cleaning clearlights is to apply our washdown product, followed by a soft wash.  Lastly, we apply a slow-release product that works overtime to keep cleaning them. If the clear lights are old, unfortunately, mould gets embedded into the fibre and we are not able to remove this so often they can be far from perfect. Any mould that is sitting on the surface should clean up nicely.


When should you opt for a roof wash over roof treatment?

If you are getting your roof painted, then it will need to be washed. 

If you’re wanting your roof cleaned instantly and are not wanting to wait 12 months (sometimes this can be more like 6 months) then getting a roof wash would be the better option for you

If you have quite a lot of black mould. A roof treatment is not always that effective on black mould.

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