Concrete Cleaning

Water Blasting of Concrete Paths & Driveways

Has your driveway, patio or car park lost its sparkle? Is it looking rather gloomy, covered in layers of grime and dirt, maybe even getting a bit slippery? We have seen it all, and if you are experiencing any of the above it really sounds like it’s time for a concrete clean! Blast Away Guys has got years of experience in professional water blasting and we’re happy to help you get that sparkle back.

Dirty concrete isn’t just nasty to look at, it also poses serious health risks. Dirt, rust and other minerals can deposit over time just as much as mould, mildew and even algae can infest your concrete based surfaces. Having them cleaned regularly by pressure washing them will bring the sparkle back and, what’s even more important,remove any unwanted and harmful materials.

Whether you live in a residential area or own a commercial business with a huge concrete area, your neighbors and above all your customers will appreciate the clean look when approaching your property. Furthermore, the last thing you want to happen is for someone to slip and fall because your concrete is covered in slimy, organic matter. It’s all about maintenance and prevention. Regular concrete cleaning should be done once a year to keep it from being slippery and looking spic and span. 

Blast Away Guys are all about safety, and we will make sure all your concrete based surfaces are attractive to look at and safe to walk on. Apart from driveways and similar areas we can also easily reach and clean exterior concrete walls and buildings up to 15 meters high with our long telescopic attachments. That way the job gets done faster and it means less cost for you as there is no need for a cherry picker.

Depending on your requirements, a waster blaster sometimes isn’t your only option. Blast Away Guys have the tools and equipment to clean larger concrete areas much faster and just as efficiently. So whether it’s a car park, driveway or patio, for your big and small concrete cleaning projects call Blast Away Guys today to get a free quote and discuss your options.

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