Water blasting Whangarei & Northland

We will make your home, business or school shine!

Water Blasting, gutter clearing, roof washing & more

Along with offering soft wash and high pressure water blasting services, we also offer a range of other services to keep things clean and ticking along.

We love that what we do makes stuff clean, refreshed and sparkly.

Good deeds nomination

We like to use our superpowers to do some good and help people in need out.

Do you know of somebody who could do with a helping hand? Maybe they need some water blasting done and can not afford to pay for it? Perhaps it's help with something else like firewood splitting or stacking, maybe they need some leaves racked, their lawns mowed, or some gardening done. It might be a kind Nana or poppa, an aunt or uncle, a friend, a single parent, or a neighbor.

Use the form provided to nominate someone for one of our good deeds and we will see what we can do to help.

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Providing meticulous soft wash & high pressure Water Blasting services to Northlanders

Our washing services include cleaning of residential houses, rental property, schools and commercial/council owned buildings in Northland. As well as exterior house and building washing we also clean roofs, paths, patios, decks, driveways, concrete areas, fence, signage and windows. We can even unblock drains and clear out gutters. Get us in and come home to clean.

Blast Away Guys also provides quality roof painting that lasts for years

We are safety stars

Blast Away Guys is very committed to the Health and Safety of our team, clients and anyone else working on the sites that we are washing. Before we begin any site work we perform hazard identification, Worksafe NZ notifications, site specific emergency planning and other relevant planning and documentation.  We have in place regular safety meetings, audits and reporting. All our team also attend on-going training programmes.

SiteWise performed an independent assessment of Blast Away Guys and as a result  awarded us a SiteWise Gold certification status for our health and safety procedures and systems. This means that have we demonstrated to SiteWise that we have quality health and safety systems in place.

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