Hot Water Blasting

Hot Water Blasting

If you have got greasy surfaces such as machinery or workshop floors then hot water blasting is just the ticket. It also powers through oil stains and the chewing gum you see splattered all over sidewalks and the ground of other public places.  Cold water blasting is not going to cut the mustard on these jobs and it can end up damaging and etching the concrete.

Hot water makes an impressive difference and saves time and money. It offers some distinct advantages when you have a job where you really need some grunt. The process raises the temperature of the water to as much as 90 degrees C to cut through and remove chewing gum, grease, oils, cooking fats and other oily products by breaking them down. The results are much more impressive than cold water blasting. Other benefits are that surfaces are left sanitised, they dry faster and no chemical is used. What can Hot Water Blasting clean?

  • Industrial or commercial internal workshop floors and walls
  • Cleaning & sanitising food preparation premises & machinery
  • Chewing gum of concrete
  • Grease and grime removal from industrial machinery
  • Grease and oil stain removal from concrete and asphalt

Whether it’s a car park, gas station forecourt, footpath, machinery or workshop floor you want cleaned call Blast Away Guys today to get a free quote and discuss your options.

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