What we Wash

  • Pool surrounds
  • Roof treatments
  • Moss & mould treatments
  • Paths & driveways
  • Pre-wash painting preparation
  • Building signage
  • Spider and bug treatments
  • Houses
  • Commercial buildings
  • Gutter & spouting
  • Decks & fences
  • Retaining walls
  • Car parks & tennis courts
  • Commercial windows

When it comes to roof cleaning there are some important things you need to know about.

Roof Treatment

Please carefully read through the information on this page to ensure you completely understand what's involved, how long it can take to see results and what needs to happen if you are on tank water. It is important that you understand that some roofs may need a booster treatment and that if you have black mould it can be a lengthy process to get it clean.

If your roof falls into this category, then the return price would be the same minus 20%

If you are on tank water you will need to disconnect the tanks prior to us arriving. They will need to stay disconnected until there has been 25 ml of rain. If you need help to disconnect the tanks please let us know.

Roof Treatment verses a roof wash

The best way to keep a roof clean is via a regular roof treatment. A roof treatment is cheaper than a roof wash, its quicker and less labour intensive. It’s also a lot gentler on roofing materials and uses a lot less water.

Roof Treatment

  1. Cheaper
  2. Keeps it clean for longer
  3. One person can do the job
  4. Does not use much water
  5. Quick to do - a couple of hours
  6. Product gently sprayed on the roof
A roof treatment on a 200m2 surface might be $250.

Roof Wash

  1. More expensive
  2. Mould and lichen returns quicker
  3. Two guys (One harnessed on the roof & one as a spotter)
  4. Uses a lot more water
  5. Time consuming - between 8 and 12 hours
  6. High pressure water blasting
A roof wash on a 200m2 might be $900 odd dollars.
That’s 360% more expensive.

Things to consider

Cleaning a clay, slate or concrete tiled roof

As a general rule, we don’t recommend water blasting tiles as they are often loose and water blasting can blow them off the roof which breaks them. The gentlest and cheapest option to get your roof clean is a roof treatment. 

Cleaning a pressed metal tiled roof

As a general rule, we don’t recommend water blasting pressed metal tiled roofs as they are susceptible to denting when incorrectly walked on. They can also be slippery and dangerous. The gentlest and cheapest option to get your roof clean is a roof treatment. 

Washing Clearlights

Our approach to cleaning clear lights is to apply our washdown product, followed by a soft wash.  Lastly, we apply a slow-release product that works overtime to keep cleaning them. If the clear lights are old, unfortunately, mould gets embedded into the fibre and we are not able to remove this so often they can be far from perfect. Any mould that is sitting on the surface should clean up nicely.


What a roof treatment involves

A roof treatment involves spraying a product onto the roof surface which kills lichen and moss. The rain and sun gradually break down and remove the dead lichen and moss. This process can take up to 12 months for moss and lichen and around 18 months for black mould.


Roof treatment process

Every roof is different in terms of how long it takes, and this is based on the roofing materials and the environmental factors that surround the roof.

Some roofs require a booster treatment about 4 months after the initial treatment. This is generally only roofs that have been affected by quite heavy moss, mould or lichen. If your roof falls into this category then the return price would be the same minus 20%


Preventative maintenance

We recommend getting a regular roof treatment to keep it free from growing lichen, mould and moss and getting a residue build-up from environmental factors such as traffic pollution and the residue from trees growing nearby (particularly macrocarpa trees).

This lengthens the life of the roof products and is cheaper than getting a roof wash which is labour intensive. Some roofs need an annual treatment and some only need to be done bi-annually it just depends on the environmental factors.

A lot of the products available for this sort of work are diluted and so do not produce the result our product does.


When should you opt for a roof wash over roof treatment?

If you are getting your roof painted, then it will need to be washed. 

If you’re wanting your roof cleaned instantly and are not wanting to wait 12 months (sometimes this can be more like 6 months) then getting a roof wash would be the better option for you

If you have quite a lot of black mould. A roof treatment is not always that effective on black mould.


Are you on tank water?

A friendly reminder that if you are on tank water, please disconnect the tank prior to any roof washes or treatments. If you are unable to do this yourself please let us know as we are happy to do it for you and will just need to check a few things with you first.

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