Solar Panel Cleaning

We have several methods for cleaning solar panels. One is using a very soft brush and gently washing the panels. The other is using a special attachment that goes on the water blaster gun that creates a gentle fan of water to gently get them clean.

When we wash solar panels we also use our water purifying system as this really helps to give a very clean spot free result. The water purifying system takes the calcium and any other minerals out of the water for that extra shiny, streak-free clean.

Washing your solar panels a couple of times of year helps to ensure cost savings through better efficiency of the solar panel. As an example, you could be losing around 20% energy if you only wash your solar panels once a year and 35% energy loss if you only wash them every two years. The percent can increase or decrease depending on the environmental factors that surround the roof. For example, if the building is close to a gravel road the panels will get a dust build-up. If it is close to a high traffic area, pollution from vehicles will coat the solar panels. If there are tall trees the residue from the trees can land on the solar panels and affect their efficiency.

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