Having your roof cleaned or a roof treatment on a regular basis will help the materials last a lot longer. When it’s not kept clean moss, algae, and atmospheric pollutants will break down the materials and make them deteriorate a lot quicker. The cost of keeping your roof clean is a lot cheaper than needing to replace or do repairs on the roof which can become very costly. When it comes to cleaning your roof we offer two options for having it cleaned.


1. Roof treatment

A roof treatment involves spraying a product onto the roof surface which kills lichen, moss and mould. The rain and sun gradually break down and remove the dead lichen, moss and mould. This process can take up to 12 months or in some cases where there is a thick covering of black mould up to 18 months. Generally results can usually be seen in the first 2 to 3 months with the moss and lichen changing colour.

You can find out more about roof treatment here such as what to do if your are on tank water.

2. Roof wash and treatment

The second option is where we use our water blasting machines to gently wash away any lichen and algae from your roof. When we do a roof wash we also apply a treatment product which kills the lichen and algae spores and stops them from returning for at least two years. Many water blasting companies don’t apply the treatment after the roof wash and the nasties quickly return and you then need to repeat having your roof washed much sooner.


We wash roofs of all sizes, from a 20msq shed to whopping great big commercial roofs the size of 12 rugby fields.


Is it a good idea to clean your roof?

More than a good idea, roof cleaning is essential for maintaining a healthy and trouble-free shelter for your building. If left neglected, the materials of your roof will slowly begin to degrade and break down. Once moss, algae and pollutants are added to the mix your roof will deteriorate even quicker which is why regular cleaning is so important.

How much does it cost to clean a roof in NZ?

We offer two options for roofs. Firstly is our roof treatment, which involves spraying a product onto your roof and allowing wind and rain to naturally remove all growths and pollutants. Secondly is our wash and treatment in which we use our special water blasting machines. Costs vary depending on which option you choose and the size and scale of your roof. We clean everything from small residential roofs to large scale commercial buildings. Get in touch with us for a quote.

Is it OK to pressure wash a roof?

Yes, our highly-trained professionals are experts at using pressure washers to gently rid your roof of moss, mould and debris. We have special nozzles we use and change out to adapt the water pressure to fit the situation and roofing materials to ensure the best possible outcome. We don’t just rely on pressure washing,after we have washed a roof we apply a roof treatment to kill off any spores and keep the roof clean for longer. Neither of these solutions will cause damage to your roof. It is much more damaging to leave your roof untreated.

How often should you clean your roof?

Some roofs need an annual treatment, and some only need to be done biennially; it depends on the environmental factors that surround the roof. Traffic pollution, bird strike and the debris and residue from trees growing nearby (particularly macrocarpa trees) are elements that contribute to a roof needing to be cleaned more often. Salt deposits in coastal areas can significantly increase corrosion and can often require a more regular schedule. We can provide you with advice on how often your property’s roof should be cleaned depending on the aforementioned.

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