Commercial & council Water blasting

Commercial water blasting, window Cleaning and more

We offer Building washes, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, moss and mould treatments, car park water blasting, internal warehouse water blasting, chewing gum removal, bird replant installation, bug treatments,

We love that what we do makes stuff clean, refreshed and sparkly.

Making buildings pristine and fighting dirty in all its forms — dirty buildings, dirty gutters and dirty hard landscape areas.

Putting the hurt on dirt and celebrating clean is what we are all about.
We can often be found in the middle of the night or early in the morning working to clean commercial buildings, council property and public areas.

We wash anything from a little storefront to a ginormous shopping complex 10 stories high or a massive roof the size of 12 rugby fields.
We wash all of the surfaces of a building, including windows and signs, or we can clean parts of the building as required, such as just the roof or signage. Our high-pressure top-notch commercial-grade cleaning machines assist us in getting all surfaces spick and span. We also wash large concrete areas such as large multi-level car parks, footpaths, entrance ways, and workshop floors.

Every time.

We know what we are doing and we do a darn good job.

We have washed thousands of buildings in Auckland and Northland we don't stop until that building sparkles.

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Regular washing increases the life expectancy of your paint by a whopping 25%

All paint manufacturers recommend cleaning exterior paintwork annually in the NZ Building Code and by all paint manufacturers.

Building materials under warranty.
In many cases, it's not just about looking good; often, the materials used on buildings require regularly scheduled washing to ensure the warranty is not rendered invalid. We can develop a maintenance plan to ensure that the building is being washed according to the warranty specifications.

If the materials used on your building are not under warranty it may only require an annual wash or treatment for grime, moss, mold and algae. Either way, our water blasting services will improve the look and presentation of your building's exterior, creating a positive first impression with potential customers.

Longer lasting results.
When we wash areas prone to mould, we don't just stop with the wash; we also apply a slow-release agent to kill the spores and keep the area clean for longer.

Prevention is better than cure.
If we come across any areas that need maintenance, we advise you. We are happy to take photos and provide a post-wash report.

What is included in your building wash.
When we wash a house, exterior walls are washed from ground level to gutter, including joinery, entrance alcoves, eaves, exterior gutters, spouting and down-pipes.

Our telescopic attachment reaches up to 15 metres high from the ground, enabling us to get the high-up bits, often eliminating the need for an elevated work platform that saves you money.

Are you ready for clean?
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We are
saftey Stars!

All our guys are trained to the highest health and safety levels. We are also SiteWise Gold certified.

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Health and safety – We never give it a day off.

Blast Away Guys are very committed to the Health and Safety of our team, clients and anyone else working on the sites that we are washing. Before we begin any site work, we perform hazard identification, WorkSafe NZ notifications, site-specific emergency planning and other relevant planning and documentation. We have in place regular safety meetings, audits and reporting. All our team also attend on-going training programmes.

SiteWise performed an independent assessment of Blast Away Guys and, as a result, awarded us a SiteWise Gold certification status for our health and safety procedures and systems. This means we have demonstrated to SiteWise that we have quality health and safety systems in place.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will you do this during business hours or after hours?

This depends on where the business is situated and what other businesses or residential property are in the area that could be impacted by the work being carried out.

If a commercial property has busy main entrances and/or loading bays, we will often wash those areas before the business opens and then continue to complete the other areas once the business is open, provided it does not impact traffic or pedestrians.

Sometimes having a spotter at the main entrance while the business is open can work well, provided there is no heavy foot traffic.

If we need to have access machinery on the road, we will need to get traffic management to help ensure the public's safety. This work is almost always completed at night, and during periods when traffic is at it's quietest.


When can you do the job?

Our team of 10 means prioritising jobs based on urgency for clients. It also means we can get larger jobs finished in a shorter time, minimising disruption for business.

We like to be as flexible as possible and prioritise work based on client needs. If you have a deadline, let us know, and we will see what we can do to prioritise your job. We also have contractors and partners who can provide other services should it be required.


How will you manage health and safety?

We assess each commercial job individually to ensure we consider all aspects of health and safety relating to the job. Some of the things that we consider are: 

  • Does WorkSafe needs to be notified
  • Is traffic management required
  • Are spotters are required 
  • What are the safest times to complete the work for the public and people that work within the building 
  • What access equipment may be required and what health and safety procedures need to be followed in accordance with the access equipment 
  • What health and safety equipment will be required 
  • How can we mitigate risks

This will be considered, discussed and captured in our Job Safety Analysis. We also keep a Hazard and Risk Register, Incident and Injury Register, Chemical Register, Safe Operating Procedures and carry out Monthly Maintenance Checks


How long will it take?

The answer to this question depends completely on the size of the building, the scope of work and how many people we put on the job. If you have a specific deadline, you would like the job completed by, let us know at the time of quoting so that we can do our best to ensure we can meet your needs. When we quote, we can also indicate how long we think the job will take.

Blast Away Guys Maintenance Plans

With a Blast Away Guys Maintenance Plan damage to buildings can be stopped in its tracks through regular washing.  Not only does regular washing help protect from damage, it leaves it sparkly and clean. We will visit your property twice a year or more frequently if you require to keep your property looking impressive. Customers who opt to take advantage of our plans benefit from discounted pricing.

Another benefit of regular washing with our maintenance plan is that in many cases material used to clad or roof a house or building has a warranty.  The warranty becomes void if it is not regularly washed in accordance of the warranty agreement. This package can be over a 1 - 3 year period - you are guaranteed the same price for each year. *This is negotiable if you are selling in the near future.

Clean and sparkly property is a great feeling. Why not get us in on a regular basis with one of our maintenance plans.   

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