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Water Blasting, gutter clearing, roof washing & more

Along with offering soft wash and high pressure water blasting services, we also offer a range of other services to keep things clean and ticking along.

We love that what we do makes stuff clean, refreshed and sparkly.

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Getting it all clean and sparkly makes it look great and can also make you feel great.

Studies have found that when a person's home is dirty, it can make them feel a bit down and add to stress levels. Having a clean house can contribute to feeling better both mentally and physically.

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All our services come with our Love Clean Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your clean, let us know, and we will come back and sort it for free. If you are still not happy, we won't charge you a cent.

Regular house washing is the cheapest form of preventative maintenance and can increase the life expectancy of your paint by a whopping 25%

When things are dirty or moldy, they look terrible and can be problematic to get clean if you do not have the know-how, gear, time or motivation.

Living with a dirty house or building can create frustration and can negatively affect your mood. It can be challenging to know where to start, and often the thought of tackling it yourself can feel overwhelming.

An annual house wash increases your paint life by %25
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An annual house wash increases your paint life by 25%
All paint manufacturers recommend cleaning exterior paintwork annually.

Three reasons regular washing increases the life expectancy of your paint by 25%:

1. Airborne contaminants, including salt deposits, settle on your paint film, can attack the surface, and cause premature breakdown..

2. Moss, and lichen penetrate the surface of the paint, damaging its integrity. mould growth can destroy the chemical entity of the resin system that holds the paint system together.

3. The presence of moss, mould and lichen will also hold moisture on the surface longer, promoting further growth of these organisms and increasing the risk of damage to the coating.

The above 3 points are summarised from Resene Paints – Maintenance Guide..

Getting Blast Away Guys in to do a regular house wash is much cheaper than repainting your house sooner than needed.

Many of our clients will get us in 2 or 3 times a year just to give the place a quick flush, clear away any cobwebs, protect the paint and keep the place looking great.

So gentle, you can even do this

We only ever soft wash the cladding using a special nozzle as not to cause damage.

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Water blasting and soft washing - what's the

Water blasting and soft washing both involve using a water blaster. However, the main difference is the pressure and products used.

Water Blasting involves water only being forced through a tiny nozzle hole, producing a high-pressure force of water better suited to surface preparation and concrete cleaning. If you use this sort of pressure to wash your house, you will likely do damage and force water into the materials you are washing.

Soft washing is carried out at much lower pressures. Not only is it softer it also includes the application of a salt-based (sodium) cleaning product that does a lot of the work to cut through grime, dirt and mould. This salt-based product used at the correct strength will remove stains and make things look bright, shiny and clean, without harsh pressure or excessive brushing.

Frequently asked


Will water blasting damage my wooden surfaces such as deck or wooden cladding?

No, if the operator has had the correct training in washing techniques and using the machinery and tools correctly. Using commercial grade purpose-built equipment combined with the correct low pressure is important to ensure there is no damage. We also have a variety of nozzles that we use and change for different surfaces. All our guys are thoroughly trained in the correct washing techniques and how to operate the gear.


We want to repaint our house. Can you strip away the paint using water blasting?

Water blasting to strip paint is not something we recommend. However, we do recommend and offer a pre paint wash which will loosen and remove any paint flakes making it easier for the pre paint preparation. A lot of residential and commercial house painters will use our services prior to them starting the job.


We collect the water from our roof for drinking. Is my water safe to drink after the roof has been cleaned?

If you are on tank water for your drinking water, then the answer is yes, it is provided the downpipes are disconnected from the water tank and stay disconnected until there has been 25 ml of rain. Before reconnecting the tank, you can check the water coming off the roof has no smell or foaming. If smell or foaming occurs do not connect the tank until the water runs, clear. 

If we have only washed the roof but not applied a treatment the tanks can be reconnected straight after the wash.


Will water blasting my property make paint chip off?

The paint will only chip off if the surface that is being washed has a bad paint finish. This is because we never use a high pressure wash on painted or natural wood surfaces. The nozzles we use are different to that of a domestic water blaster and enable us to do a much gentler wash. We also apply a cleaning product to the surface prior to doing a soft wash which loosens any dirt, grime and mould.

We apply a wash-down product before the wash that does a lot of the work and loosens girt, grime and mould. We then use special nozzles when we wash cladding, enabling us to do a soft wash. We will apply a slow-release agent to the areas on the cladding where the paint is peeling or looks fragile instead of a wash. This means that it will not look clean in these areas after they finish, but the mould etc, will disappear. Sometimes it can take a few weeks till it cleans up, depending on the type of mould and the severity.

We cannot guarantee that no paint will chip as it depends on the paint's integrity, but we take significant measures to avoid it from happening. If a bit comes off in an area, this is when we stop washing and treat the area instead. 

Paint that is old and has been compromised by mould or other factors will often have stains that we cannot remove.


I want to get my roof cleaned. What are my options?

Roof Treatment versus a roof wash. There are a couple of options for getting a roof clean, and the option that will suit you depends on your end goal. Are you planning on having the roof painted after the wash? Or do you want to wash it because it is due for a clean?  

If it is the latter, a roof treatment could be a much better option for you as it's cheaper than a roof wash. Some of the other benefits are that it's quicker and less labour intensive. It's also gentler on roofing materials and uses much less water. You might find this helpful as it provides some information on what a treatment involves, the process and the benefits of a roof treatment vs a wash.

If your situation requires a roof wash instead, 9 times out of 10, we do not require scaffolding. Our guys will use a fall arrest system with harnesses and strops to wash the roof. They are fully trained at Working at Heights and using the fall rest systems. Here is some information about roof washes.

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