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House wash's., gutter and roof cleaning for rental properties to help protect paintwork and improve the appeal. We offer a discount to Property Managers and investors who use our services on a regular basis. We are often asked to do other odd jobs while we are at the property which most of the time we are more than happy to do.

We can provide a pre and post wash report for absentee owners and always point out to the property manager or absentee owner any damage we see to the property. This might be damage caused due to a blocked gutter or erosion that is starting to take place due to areas that are prone to mould and lichen.

We are also more than happy to speak directly with the tenants regarding organising wash dates and times and ensuring windows are closed.

The guys are very ‘house proud’ and are fussy about doing a great job and even make a game out of checking each other’s workmanship. They are also very customer focused when it comes to relationships and pleasing clients and tenants means the world.

Our concrete cleaning machine comes into its own here, as it cleans decks, paths, patios and driveways a lot quicker than just water blasting. This saves time which saves money and we can pass on the saving to our clients.

Do you need a rental property washed? We can get that sorted for you!

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Blast Away Guys Maintenance Plans

With a Blast Away Guys Maintenance Plan damage to buildings can be stopped in its tracks through regular washing.  Not only does regular washing help protect from damage, it leaves it sparkly and clean. We will visit your property twice a year or more frequently if you require to keep your property looking impressive. Customers who opt to take advantage of our plans benefit from discounted pricing.

Another benefit of regular washing with our maintenance plan is that in many cases material used to clad or roof a house or building has a warranty.  The warranty becomes void if it is not regularly washed in accordance of the warranty agreement. This package can be over a 1 - 3 year period - you are guaranteed the same price for each year. *This is negotiable if you are selling in the near future.

Clean and sparkly property is a great feeling. Why not get us in on a regular basis with one of our maintenance plans.   

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