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Running a successful business often relies on word of mouth and a great first impression. Business signage is often the first thing that catches the eyes of potential customers. If covered in dirt, grime or mould, people are more likely to be put off and simply walk on. After all, the way you look after your property may likely reflect the way you look after your customers and their needs. Creating a positive and shining first impression will have a positive impact on your business which is why commercial signage washing is more than just a chore.

Here at Blast Away Guys, we understand the needs of a successful business and we are here to help you maintain a good look so you can focus on what really matters. With almost 40 years of experience in water-blasting, we have the knowledge and equipment to wash residential and commercial buildings of any size. We wash all of the building's exterior, including windows and signage, and we can develop a maintenance plan to help you adhere to your warranty specifications.

We adhere to the highest safety standards and can clean signs of any size, shape and height. Depending on the material of your commercial signage we either use a soft-wash solution or a more intense bleach-based product. Soft wash is the gentlest option for removing mould and grime while at the same time leaving a wax coating behind to repel further mould growth. 

For heavier build-ups and if suitable for your material, we can apply a chemical or high-pressure wash to ensure nothing gets left behind. With our long arms, we can reach signs up to 5 meters high or use cherry-pickers and ladders for anything higher.

We recommend commercial signage washing every 6 to 12 months. This will not only ensure your signs are kept clean and shiny, so they are noticed by potential customers. Regular washing also minimises the risk of damage to your signage from the elements as well as other contributing factors such as algae, traffic fumes or mould.

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