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How to get rid of exterior mould

4 easy steps to mould free surfaces
March 9, 2023
How to get rid of exterior mould - and keep it away for longer

You could spend hours washing your house or commercial building and the hard landscape areas (such as concrete, decking and fences) only to find that in a month or 2, mould and grime have returned, especially in the areas that are damp and do not get a lot of sun.

Soft washing the surfaces with a wash-down product removes the unsightly surface mould and grime but because it doesn’t kill the spores, and the moulds will quickly multiply and regrow.

Learning how to treat mould is the best way to beat it and prevent it from coming back for longer.

Managing and preventing mould around the exterior of your home with moss and mould treatment product

Moss and mould products are the best way to keep nasty fungus away because they work to kill the mould spores preventing re-growth. The product is also residual and remains on the surface so continues to work for a longer period of time.

There are several types of moulds that grow around the outside of homes and buildings and these are black, green and pink/orange mould. Once things get really bad, moss and lichen can begin to grow too.

If you have just soft washed the cladding on your house or building apply the moss and mould treatment product to the areas that are prone to mould. The same goes for decks, paths, concrete, fences and any other surfaces outside that have mould or are prone to mould.

It is a good idea to re-treat the areas once or twice a year depending on how prone to mould the area is. When it comes to painted or coated surfaces moulds hold moisture on the surface longer, promoting further growth which increases the risk of damage to the the integrity of painted surfaces.

Pink/orange mould is the worst type when it comes to compromising the paint and a normal house wash cleaning product alone will not remove it. If you want to remove it instantly you will need to apply a concentrated mix of moss and mould killer, gently scrub the area before treating it again with the moss and mould killer.

Alternatively, you can just treat it and it will clean up over the next week or two. If it is particularly bad, you may need to apply a booster treatment after the first few weeks if it is not cleaning up.

As a rule of thumb treating mould-prone areas and getting ahead of the mould before it gets bad is recommended.

The best time to apply a mould treatment product is Autumn and winter and if needed again, in Spring. These seasons are typically when we get less sun and more rainfall. Throw in a few warm days into the mix and moulds will flourish, growing even faster.

Areas you can treat with moss and mould killer

The product can be applied to a vast array of surfaces. Just check that the product you have brought does not contain bleach and that it is suitable for the surfaces you are going to apply it to. Common areas it can be used for are:

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