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How to soft wash a house in 5 steps.

5 easy steps to get a better clean
January 10, 2023
How to soft wash a house in 5 steps.

Firstly, let’s clarify the difference between Water blasting and soft washing. Both techniques involve using a water blaster, and the main difference is the pressure and products used.

Water Blasting is a brute force method of washing, typically involving water only being forced through a tiny nozzle hole which produces a strong force of water up to 4000PSI (4000 pounds per square inch of pressure). You definitely don't want to point that at your house! Water Blasting is better suited to surface preparation and concrete cleaning. If you use this sort of pressure to wash your house you will likely do damage and force water into the materials you are washing.

Soft washing is carried out at much lower pressures, below 500PSI. Not only is it softer it also includes the application of a salt based (sodium) cleaning product that does a lot of the work to cut through grime, dirt and mould. This salt based product used at the correct strength will remove stains and make things look bright, shiny and clean, without harsh pressure or excessive brushing.

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