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Meet Dan The Man, Our Water Blasting Wizard in the Far North.

On a mission to make your property radiant and you happy!
June 16, 2023

From Dirty to Radiant: Transforming homes and buildings in the Bay of Islands and the rest of Northland with water blasting and soft washing.

Blast Away Guys came from small beginnings 11 years ago to big dreams becoming a reality. And now Kerikeri, the rest of the Bay of Islands and Far North areas - We now have a resident Blast Away Guy living and working amongst you in the beautiful Far North. 

For our customers who are up north - Russell, Paihia, Kerikeri, Kaitaia, Kaikohe, Coopers Beach and everywhere else, you will know that we have been operating in the Far North for over ten years. We used to wait until we had other jobs in the area and then we would book all the jobs in on one day, so that you, our amazing customers, did not have to fork out for travel costs.

So, when Dan from Kerikeri, approached us about a potential job... We grabbed him with both hands. Not only does he live in the Bay of Islands, but he has also over 19 years of experience in the water blasting industry (both commercial and residential), and he is such a lovely guy. We describe him as Dan the Man and water blaster with a heart of gold.

He has experience washing massive shopping complexes and commercial buildings in Auckland as well as thousands of house washes of all different sizes: mansions to baches to little one-bedroom units. He also had years of experience in concrete and deck washing, roof and gutter cleaning, bug treatments and his least favourite window washing.

Since coming on board, full-time with Blast Away Guys, we have had what feels like an avalanche of customers praise his thoroughness and impressive work, and comment on what an all-around nice guy he is. The other thing that people seem to appreciate is the advice and tips that Dan gives them to help them keep things shipshape around the outside of their property.

Dan totally embodies our ethos of CleanHappy - making customers feel happy and doing extra whenever possible.


Form dirty and mouldy to radiant and happy.

Having dirty and mouldy buildings and areas around the outside can make you feel down. It can feel frustrating or overwhelming if the job is too big to tackle or you just do not have the time. Dan loves that he can flip this around for you and can achieve results quickly with our commercial-grade gear. With just an hour or two of work, he can transform a building or a home from dirty to spotless, which he finds fulfilling – especially when he sees how happy it makes people.

Dan is quick-witted and vigilant. He’s also caring when it comes to people and the result of the work he undertakes. He performs every job as if he was cleaning his own place or if it was for his Mum.

Here's what Dan has to say about his job as a house and building washer:

"I have a soft spot for older people and especially love helping them to get the outside of their home clean. Most of all, I love seeing the smile on their faces and seeing them happy.

Being in a job that is mobile allows me to see different faces and different places which I really enjoy. One day I might be washing a place surrounded by native bush with singing tui, and the next, it might be on the coast with impressive views of the water.

I aim for a premium result on each job, and I believe that if I don’t get good feedback at least once a day, then something is wrong.

On a personal level - I am a dad and a devoted partner to Shannon (my beautiful partner in crime and the mother of our 2kids).   

I’m originally from Auckland and grew up in the Western suburbs of Auckland - I went to the same school as Shannon which is how we met. 

We moved to Kerikeri several years ago and absolutely love it here!

What else can I tell you?

· I have a serious (but healthy) gym habit, and I like my cars A LOT. While writing this, I nearly pushed the 'Buy Now' button on trade me for $3000 worth of tyres. 😊

· Before water blasting, I did a quick stint washing windows and then got the opportunity to get on the end of a water blaster. I was immediately hooked.

· My bed is my favourite, but I roll out of it real early in the am because being a water blaster means early morning starts. Somebody has to wash those commercial buildings before the masses awake. :)

· I love to go fishing whenever possible, and during summer, BBQs & camping are pretty appealing (just a true-blue kiwi showing my colours, really)

· We are mostly home bodies, and life is generally wrapped around the kid's needs and their sports.

· My/our ultimate dream - home ownership.


If you want a quote for clean and radiant (CleanHappy) head over to our quote request page and we will come back to you pronto.

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