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Window-shopping is not just a popular past-time activity. The phrase holds more truth than many may think initially. A window enables potential customers and clients to catch a first glimpse of what you have to offer, be it a product or a service. If they like what they see, they are more inclined to pay you a visit. But if your windows are too dirty for them to even see what’s actually inside, you are missing out. If you want to improve the look of your building and put the shine back into your windows, it’s time to call Blast Away Guys, Northland’s experts in commercial window cleaning.

Over time, dirt, calcium, salt and other minerals can wash down the building exterior and slowly collect on the glass surface, making it more fragile and reducing its transparency. With years of experience in water blasting services, Blast Away Guys can get your exterior windows back to sparkling in no time, making sure anyone passing by your property leaves with an immaculate impression. Our carbon fibre window cleaning gizmo easily removes residue and build-ups on all glass surfaces resulting in spot free windows.

Scheduling a window clean at least once per year will not only ensure your property continues to look its best, it will also help avoid costly expenses to reverse the impact of micro-cracks, scratches, glass mould and spots which, if not attended to, will eventually destroy your glass completely. Regular commercial cleaning reduces the potential risk of damage to your exterior windows.

We can clean windows of any shape or size up to 3 stories high without the need of an elevated platform. To get a free quote or book us for your next scheduled commercial window cleaning job simply call Blast Away Guys today.

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