Roof painting Whangarei and throughout Northland

If your roof has faded and is looking a bit shabby painting it can make a massive difference. It also helps protect it against Northlands harsh elements and extends the life of the roofing materials.   We paint both commercial and residential roofs and then can put in place a regular wash schedule to protect the paint from premature damage. Mould, lichen, salt, bird strike and air pollution all have corrosive effects so washing your roof at least once a year will increase the longevity of your paint.

Painting of metal roofs

If you have a metal roof painting it protects it against rust and corrosion. If your roof contains surface rust we can inspect it and in a lot of cases will still be able to paint it. After a really good clean we apply a product that prevents any further rust. We then apply protective paint to seal and waterproof your roof.

Painting of tiled roofs

Painting your tiled roof rejuvenates it and extends the life of the roof. We always start with giving the roof a soft wash leaving no part of the surface untouched. We apply the paint using a spray gun to ensure even coats that seal and protect the roof.

Roof Health and Safety

We have the training, qualifications, experience and gear needed to ensure that we apply best practices when working on a roof. We are qualified to carry out work using a variety of methods such as height and harness work, elevated work platform, edge protection and scaffolding.

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