Washing Techniques

Soft Wash

Soft washing is the gentlest method for removing mould and grime using bio degradable MAF approved detergent.  The detergent leaves a wax coating to repel mould growth and leave a sparkly shine. The wash is carried out using a nozzle on the water blaster gun that ensures a low pressure application of water in conjunction with turning down the power on the water blaster.  When required we also use a water broom to loosen grime. This service is perfect for routine cleaning every 4 to 12 months.

Chemical Wash

We use a chemical wash when a little bit of oomph is needed to remove heavier build ups of grime, allege and mold. The process is similar to a soft wash only a stronger chemical is used.

High Pressure Wash

This is where we crank things up a notch to remove stubborn moss and mould or to remove loose paint for pre-paint preparation.  This method is also great for cleaning driveways, slippery steps, removing oil stains from concrete, cleaning gutters and spouting and removal of unwanted plant growth from the gaps in paving and patio areas. We have a range of nozzles that provide a gentler clean when needed for use on softer materials like a wood fence.

Path and Deck Cleaning

This gadget is legend for cleaning wood surfaces as it has rotating brushes that scrub the surface clean without causing damage or splintering. It’s also great for large concreate areas and works much quicker than a water blaster.

Hot Water Blasting

If you have got greasy surfaces such as machinery or workshop floors then hot water blasting is just the ticket. It also powers through oil stains and the chewing gum you see splattered all over sidewalks and the ground of other public places. Cold water blasting is not going to cut the mustard on these jobs and it can end up damaging and etching the concrete.

Roof Treatments

We spray a product onto the roof surface designed to kill lichen and moss. The rain and sun gradually break down and remove the dead lichen and moss. This process can take up to 12 months and generally results can be seen in the first month.

3 Levels of Reach

We have long telescopic attachments that enable is to clean up to 15 meters high from the ground. This often eliminates the need the additional cost of a cherry picker.  It also means we are able to complete the job faster when not using a cherry picker which again keeps costs down for our clients.

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