Commercial & council Water blasting

Commercial & Council WATER BLASTING

Commercial building washing

We can often be found in the middle of the night or early in the morning working to clean commercial buildings, council property and public areas. We wash anything from a little store front, to a ginormous shopping complex that is 10 stories high or a massive roof the size of 12 rugby fields.

We wash all of a buildings surfaces including windows and signs or we can clean parts of the building as required such as just the roof or signage. We also wash large concrete areas such as large multi level car parks, foot paths, entrance ways and workshop floors. Our high pressure top notch commercial grade cleaning machines assist us to get all surfaces spick and span.

Perfection. Every time.
We know what we are doing and we do a darn good job - we have washed thousands of buildings in Auckland and Northland and don’t stop until that building sparkles.

Qualifications locked & loaded - all our guys are trained to the highest health and safety levels. We are even Site Wise Cold certified.

What is a post wash report and why can this potentially save you thousands?
When we wash a commercial buildings, schools or industrial buildings we can provide a post wash report at your request. This will include comments and photos on any problem areas for example areas that are prone to lichen and mould. It will also include photos and a report on any areas that are damaged or starting to show signs of damage due to erosion or rot. This is particularly useful for areas that cannot be seen easily from the ground and can end up saving thousands in the long run if the problems are caught early enough.  

How to prolong the life of your paint by up to 25%
Getting us to do a regular wash will prolong the life of our paint by up to 25% which can be a big cost saving. Many clients get us in 2 to 4 times a year to do a quick flush to get rid of dust and cobwebs, prolong the paints life and keep the exterior looking great.

Are the materials your building is constructed with under warranty?
In many cases it’s not just about looking good; often the materials used on buildings require regular scheduled washing to ensure the warranty is not rendered invalid. We can develop a maintenance plan to ensure that the building is being washed in accordance of the warranty specifications.

If the materials used on your building are not under a warranty it may only require an annual wash or treatment for grime, moss, mould and algae. Either way our water blasting services will improve the look and presentation of your building’s exterior creating a positive first impression with potential customers.

How do you get a commercial building fabulously clean? Easy get the Blast Away Guys experts in.

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Water Blasting Services

Blast Away Guys Maintenance Plans

With a Blast Away Guys Maintenance Plan damage to buildings can be stopped in its tracks through regular washing.  Not only does regular washing help protect from damage, it leaves it sparkly and clean. We will visit your property twice a year or more frequently if you require to keep your property looking impressive.  Customers who opt to take advantage of our plans benefit from discounted pricing.

Another benefit of regular washing with our maintenance plan is that in many cases material used to clad or roof a house or building has a warranty.  The warranty becomes void if it is not regularly washed in accordance of the warranty agreement. This package can be over a 1 - 3 year period - you are guaranteed the same price for each year. *This is negotiable if you are selling in the near future.

Clean and sparkly property is a great feeling. Why not get us in on a regular basis with one of our maintenance plans.   

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